ABCcolla® Collagen Matrix Powder
ABCcolla® Collagen Matrix Powder

 Product description (this product is not yet approved by regulatory authorities)

This product was processed by using proprietary supercritical CO2 decellularization to remove cells, fats, and non-collagen protein and other substances of SPF porcine skin, and keep the natural dermis collagen scaffolds intact. This Collagen Matrix is grounded to powder form, which is porous that greatly absorbs tissue exudates, and is intended for the use in the wound care of irregular or deep wounds, such as trauma wounds, diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds or dental wounds.



  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Resorbable
  • Absorb exudates from the wounds and keep the wound bed moisture



  • 5c.c.
  • 10c.c.
  • 30c.c.
  • 50c.c.

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