ABCcolla® Scar Gel
ABCcolla® Scar Gel

Product description (TFDA;CE mark;USFDA : Class I Medical Device)

ABCcolla Scar Gel is a transparent scar care gel which can form a protective barrier on stratum cornuem and acts as a shield against chemical, physical, and microbial invasion. Aloe vera gel and Hyaluronic acid are added to soften the scar and keep the scar moisturized for making the scar flat and soft. The gel can be applied to the skin in any body part, especially to the large-area scars caused by surgical, burning, cut or trauma wounds.



Product advantage:

  1. Form a protective shield to keep the water contain.
  2. Effectively barry the stimulus for the best scar protection.
  3. Easy to use. 





  • ASG91H0         8 g / tube


(TFDA Class I Medical Device certificate)