ACRO Biomedical Awarded Innovation of the Year of 2023 Taiwan BIO Awards

ACRO Biomedical, a biotech company focusing on the research and development of high-end medical device biomaterials for human tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, was awarded Innovation of the Year of 2023 Taiwan BIO Awards with "Application of ScCO2 Platform Technology in Regenerative Medicine Industry" during BIO-Asia Taiwan this year.

The regenerative medicine technology and product application promoted by ACRO Biomedical have become the target for strategic cooperation around the world in recent years since they can greatly benefit the future of human life.

Dr. Dar-Jen Hsieh, CEO of ACRO Biomedical, stated that receiving the "Innovation of the Year" award means ACRO's direction in developing the platform technology is meeting the market demand. In fact, ACRO Biomedical has successively developed wound dressing, dental barrier membrane, bone grafts, and artificial cornea, etc. From the use of its proprietary "supercritical carbon dioxide decellularization platform technology" for the regeneration of organs and tissues to its latest development in hair follicle regeneration, behind each application hides a huge market. The potential enterprise value gets higher as the market size grows.

Dr. Dar-Jen Hsieh pointed out that ACRO Biomedical has utilized an ancient technology used in the chemical industry for more than two hundred years in the decellularization of animal tissues and organs. This technology helps to remove all cells, fat, and non-collagenous proteins from animal tissues and organs and retain a complete collagen scaffold structure as a repair material for human tissues and organs. This pioneering work has obtained 56 invention patents around the world, and more than 20 invention patents are under review. The application fields of the biomedical products developed so far cover wound care, dentistry, orthopedics, ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine and other fields. ACRO Biomedical then further involves its development in organ reconstruction and regeneration, including the reconstruction of the heart, kidney, and liver. It is ACRO Biomedical's vision that human beings will no longer have to wait in line for donated organs and tissues in the future, and that the heinous behavior of forced organ harvesting can be completely stopped.

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