ACRO Biomedical Taking a Step Forward in Wound Care Market

2023.02.23 . 文/周榮發

Received TFDA Class II Medical Device approval for ADM Collagen Paste



ACRO Biomedical, whose mission is to realize the regeneration of human organs and tissues, is an innovative biomedical company that develops high-demand biomedical materials for the human body.

Following the approval of the Taiwan invention patent, “USE OF COLLAGEN PARTICLES IN HAIR FOLLICLES FORMATION OR ANGIOGENESIS", ACRO Biomedical’s latest medical device, ABCcolla ADM Collagen Paste, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare (No.007731).

According to statistics from the National Development Council, Taiwan will enter a super-aging society in 2025, which means that the demand for medical care derived from aging and chronic diseases will increase year by year, such as ulcer wounds caused by chronic diseases. The time it takes for chronic wounds to heal is a major obstacle to recovery. A wound dressing with good biocompatibility will accelerate the process of wound healing. The approved medical device ABCcolla ADM Collagen Paste is in the form of fibrous gel, which is specially developed for ulcer wounds. This biomaterial will not only help clinicians to treat clinical ulcer wounds, but also expand ACRO Biomedical’s development in the wound care market.



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